“You cannot change that which you cannot accept”  

“You cannot change that which you cannot accept"


– You cannot change that which you cannot accept.

– Acceptance of something places you in control of it.

– What you deny, controls you.

– What you are aware of, you’re in control of.”

The above may sounds counterintuitive but energetically the moment we acknowledge and accept the existence of a situation, we release our internal resources engaged in fighting/resisting it, and now, we can engage those resources into resolving the situation.

It is similar to skiing, snowboarding or even riding a bike down a steep mountain. Instead of following your survival instincts telling you to push back and stay away of the steep descend in front of you, the solution is to lean forward and push yourself forward into the descending piste/track, which gives you the stability and control required to manage the situation.

And yes, at first it’s very scary!