Where is the culprit?

Where is the culprit?


Things happen in life, things we call ‘good’ and things we call ‘not good’. 

When ‘good’ things happen, we tend not to ask many questions, we simply enjoy what happened.

But when ‘not good’ things happen, then we react. We are upset, frustrated, full of emotions, and we want answers!

What kind of answers?

In most cases we want to find the reasons, to understand why it happened, how it happened, and in a business setting we want to know ‘who’s responsible for that?’

Where do we search for the answers?

The most often adopted logic says to search in circumstances, in evens and in people.

Only! Have you noticed that searching in this way is taking you to a downhill route. It creates dependency, fear (often blame), missed opportunities to truly learn from those ‘not good’ experiences and finally it disempowers us. All that because we search in places which we cannot control (even if you are the boss!).

Instead, what can we truly control?

Our thoughts, opinions and beliefs. This is where everything starts and this is where everything finishes. If you are honestly looking for answers that will help you grow, that will make a positive difference to your life (and others’ lives), answers that will empower you – then start with your own mind.

Everything you have ever experienced, are currently experiencing and will ever experience, comes from your thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

All ‘good’ things and all ‘not good’ things come from there.

If you manage to accept this first step, I mean really to accept it not just to think “yeah, I know this” then you will have taken the highway route.

One way to help you with this step is creating the habit of asking these two questions:

1. “How did I create this in my life?”

2. “Why did I create this in my life?”

No matter what happens (‘good’ or not good’), even if it looks blatantly obvious that it’s someone else’s doing, ask yourself these two questions.

The first one will help you make the connection between your thoughts – opinions – beliefs and the events happening in your life.

The second one will help you understand what is the reason for this happening in your life, there is always a message, a lesson to be learned.