What’s Happiness Got To Do With Our Level Of Consciousness

What's Happiness Got To Do With Our Level Of Consciousness

The first time I read about Levels of Consciousness was in the book “Power vs. Force” from David Hawkins. It was a new concept for me at the time and the more I read about it the more it made sense. In this article I would like to share why I think this subject is important in our lives.

Let’s start with a question…what are your goals, chief aims, desires, to be, do or have in your life? Think about it for a second and see if you can recognise your answer in one of the suggested options below.

‘Be happy, be healthy, be successful, have love in your life, be joyful, be wealthy, have an internal peace, feel free, etc.’

If you have found your answer(s) in one or more of the options above, then you want exactly the same as most people on the planet Earth want, and that is LOVE, HEALTH and WEALTH, which when present in our lives create the degree of our HAPPINESS.

If you think you want something different from the above, then ask yourself what feeling(s) do you want that thing to give you and you will quickly realise that no matter what one might want is ALWAYS connected to obtaining one of the above feelings.

Certainly, it is clear that love, health and wealth might mean different things to different people. Nevertheless, no matter what definitions people use, they will still be the main building blocks for construction of their Happiness.


Here is one way to explain how increased consciousness helps us feel good.

I am sure you have all visited an art gallery, museum or an art exhibition where they have one of those huge paintings that cover a whole wall, like 6m x 3m or something similar. 

If you stand very close in front of that painting, maybe just a few centimetres away and your nose is almost touching the painting, how much would you be able to see from it? Could you discern at all what’s on the painting, could you notice any images or see the “big picture”? I doubt it, because the very proximity of the eyes to the painting does not allow us to see all the parts of the painting. (I would probably get a good few centimetres more than most people, as my nose is slightly bigger but if you had a perfectly formed nose then your face will be stuck to the painting).

Now, what will happen if we detach our noses away from the painting and pull back a little bit, let’s say one meter back? We will see is a bit more of the painting and we will get a better idea of what’s on it but still can’t see it in full.

Then we decide (or something makes us) to go a few more steps backwards (paying attention not to step on someone’s toes, of course) and suddenly, we have a much better idea of what is on the painting, the colours, the images on it etc., but we still can’t get a felling what the painting is about.

To really get the splendour of that masterpiece and truly appreciate its beauty, we probably would have to go another few meters back.

Now we can finally see what it is all about. The new perspective has given us new awareness and that awareness has increased our consciousness level. In turn, this makes us feel good because it brings in clarity, it allows us to understand the painting, to appreciate and enjoy it. In those moments we experience positive feelings because clarity instills confidence, we see exactly what is going on and in short, we become responsive as opposed to reactive. This is how we discover happiness.

So, a relatively small change in our perspective, (in the above example, moving a few meters back) can give us a very different awareness and understanding of a situation (in the above case, understanding of the painting). 

This is what a few points increase of one’s consciousness level can do.

Now let’s take a more current example, such a the situation with the new Corona virus.

First, we hear the news, something like this…”thousands of cases in China; pandemic all over the country; many people dead and the numbers are increasing; it will spread all over the world etc., etc…”.  So, to compare the principle with the painting example above, we are “too close to the painting”. We see only a very small part of the situation, and that creates uncertainty, we understand little if anything and we have no clear idea of what’s going on. All that doesn’t create positive feelings.

Then, we get some more information about the situation, like “the virus is a part of the Flu virus family only more contagious than the usual Flu virus, however, it is not as deadly as the first info suggested (we step back a bit and see more of the painting).

At this point we still feel somewhat confused, uncertain, maybe anxious and still not sure what is going on.

The third time we step back, a few meters more, we see the situation much clearer because we have new info, new awareness (we see more of the painting) and we are starting to form a picture of what is really going on. For example, “there are towns and villages quarantined in different countries; people are advised to wash their hands often as this prevents the spreading of the virus; of all the people that have picked up the virus there are only two cases of death in Switzerland (at the time of writing this article); the virus, although more easily contagious, it is not more dangerous that the typical Flu virus; the people most affected are the elderly above certain age and that for the rest, they may even have it but it may never be activated” 

With this new info we are starting to form a better image of the situation and we feel less confused, we release some of the stress and fear, we feel more confident and optimistic that we can deal with the situation and we feel more prepared to do what is needed to help in containing this virus. We have become more responsive and less reactive. This means you have raised your level of consciousness and the things or the situations that created fear before now have lost their power over you and you feel more in control of the circumstances.



This is how increasing the consciousness level helps us grow as people and how this personal growth in turn helps us in our lives.

The higher the consciousness level of a person, the more ‘detached their nose’ from the painting is and the better and with more clarity they see what is happening in front of them. They understand things better, are less emotionally reactive, are more responsive, are more peaceful, and have an overall greater control of their lives.

Raising our level of consciousness expands our perspective in life. It kind of replaces the filters through which we see the world – ourselves, other people and situations. In other words, by being aware of more “pieces of the puzzle”, what seemed like a unsurmountable problem before now it has disappeared or in the very least, seems like a ‘not a big deal’.

Increasing the level of consciousness feels almost like an upgrade of our own ‘personal computer software, when we get to use the newest, most advanced version of us that functions confidently, efficiently and feels better than ever before.

To see the Map Of Consciousness please see any of the books of David R. Hawkins MD., PhD. For more info please visit: https://veritaspub.com/product/map-of-consciousness-dr-david-hawkins/


I am sure there are many different ways, however, here are a few ideas that I have tried and tested and that work.

– When reading the example with the painting above, what helps us get a better perspective in the situation? Yes, exactly! It is literally to take some distance from the situation or the problem and to allow ourselves to see it from a different angle.

It is like a theatre play. When we are in the theatre and we are actively playing our role we can’t notice all the moving parts of the play. But when we are sitting in the stalls and watching the play as an observer, then we see all the roles being played in front of our eyes, and we can understand much better what is happening.

– Another way of increasing the level of consciousness is to change the focus of our thoughts. (In my previous article “Your Thinking OR Your Life” you can discover how to notice if your thinking is mostly positive or mostly negative).

Changing the polarity of our thoughts directs them towards solutions rather than problems. All you need to do is find something that you like, love or enjoy in every situation, person or yourself, and focus on that. It doesn’t matter how small or big that thing is. It only matters that it is positive and helps you feel good.

– A third effective way of raising one’s level of consciousness is by using the letting go process that Dr. David R. Hawkins describes in his last book “Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender”. I have taught this process to many people and the results have always been fantastic. It is a great book to read and you might find that just by reading it, you experience change in your consciousness.

If you prefer to learn how to do the Letting Go process from a person rather that a book, CONTACT ME and we can easily organise such training.

– Last but not least, a very efficient and effective way to raise the level of consciousness is to do energy work. The advantage of this type of works is that it releases large amounts of suppressed and repressed unconscious stress, emotions and blocked energy in a very short time (usually within 1, 2 or 3 sessions), which permits the person to change their frequency quickly and to experience a new level of consciousness.

You can do this type of work with me in two ways, either by booking an Individual Session HERE or by registering for a Group Session HERE.

From this March 2020, I have started monthly group sessions for this purpose, i.e. to help people raise their level of consciousness. The group sessions are done in distance, which means there is no need to actively participate in the session but everyone that registers for a group session will receive the benefits of the energy work that will be done by me on a certain date and at certain time.


Most people fluctuates between different levels in their daily lives, so going from levels of Grief, Fear and up to Acceptance, Love or Joy (Unconditional Love).

Also, in certain areas of our lives we may experience Unconditional Love (540), like the love of a mother or a father towards their child and in other areas we may be at the level of Desire (125), for example at work or with money.

The important part is what is our predominant level of consciousness. This is what truly creates the difference in our lives.

As per Dr. David R Hawkins, there is a level of consciousness that creates a distinction between what is pro life and what is contra life, what is the Truth and what is a Falsehood. That level is the level of Courage (200), which you can see in the above map. Basically, his findings were that the levels that are above 200 are constructive, life bringing, positive and true. On the other hand, everything that calibrates below the Level of Courage (200) has the opposite effect on life. (See David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D., in “Power vs. Force”).

Therefore, the more we function at the level of Courage and above, the happier, freer, more successful, loving, healthier, more peaceful, more joyful we will be.

Suddenly, John Lennon’s and The Beatles’ song “All you need is love” takes a whole new meaning.

I hope you have found the above article useful and helpful. If you have any comments or questions, let me know in the comments box below or through the Contact page on my website.