What Would Life Be Without The Present

What Would Life Be Without The Present

Eckhart Tolle wrote in The Power of Now, “the past and the future, both are illusions”

Following from that, and according to many others, the only reality is, the PRESENT.

The question for us is, where do we live our lives on a daily basis?
– are we mostly in the past (reminiscing about memories?)
– are we being present (observing what is happening in us and around us, being mindful), or,
– do we constantly think about the future (planning, wondering etc.)?

From emotional point of view (which affects our level of happiness), all of them can be used to our advantage.


It is important to REMEMBER that, the PRESENT is the ONLY place where we can liberate our past but also, create our future.
You see, the present is where your past can come back to life, and also where your future can take shape. Without it life is not possible.

So first, BECOME AWARE of how you typically feel when you think of the past or about the future?

Unfortunately, for most people, the past triggers regrets & sadness, whereas the future raises worry & fears.

If that is the case with you, ask yourself if this how you want to feel now.

Once you have become aware, OBSERVE the emotions you are experiencing at that moment in the PRESENT. Are you feeling good? or, Are you not feeling good? By observing your emotions you are giving them the opportunity to be released.

To learn in more details how to liberate your emotions about any situation, past, present of future, please have a look at this free video: https://bit.ly/3qvmuL6, or contact me directly and I will be happy to spend 30 minutes with you.

The simple TRUTH is that the ONLY place/time we can ever feel good or be happy is in the PRESENT. This has been communicated to us by all great sages in the human history.

So, next time you become aware of your thoughts and your thinking, notice if they help you be in the present, the past of the future.

Furthermore, look at the media (in all of its forms) that you are using daily. Does it help you stay in the PRESENT, or does it create fears and worries (the future) or maybe regrets and sadness (past memories)?

If you want to go even deeper, notice the conversations you have with the people you meet daily, where do they help you be?
In the past, the present or the future?