What is your own personal guidance?

What is your own personal guidance?


What guides you in life?

What is the ideal that inspires you to grow?

Who do you want to become?

What are you striving for?

What frequency do you want to spread around you?


Do you have clarity on these questions?

Read them slowly and attentively a few times and see what comes to your mind, notice the feelings you are experiencing, observe the states they put you in.

If descriptions such as joy, lovingness, enthusiasm, lightness, clarity, stability, gratefulness, peacefulness, confidence, knowingness and similar surface up, then you most likely have a clear definition of who you want to be and where you are heading.

If descriptions such as heaviness, worry, hesitation, uncertainty, confusion, frustration, anxiety, wondering, questioning and similar surface up, then maybe you are still undecided as to who you want to really be and which direction to take in life.

Asking questions of this type help us define ourselves better and also help us discern what we need to stay away from in life.