What is the TRUE meaning of “negative” events in our lives?

What is the TRUE meaning of “negative” events in our lives?


Often when we experience, so called, “unpleasant, negative” events and situations in our lives we react by resisting them, wishing they happened differently, or not at all.

In those moments we feel as if life is unfair and it happens onto us, we feel like victims.

However, if we see life from an energetic perspective, then this cannot be more further from the truth.

When we understand ourselves as vibratory beings that emit and receive frequencies, then we will start seeing the same “unpleasant, negative” events and situations as opportunities to become more conscious of ourselves, of what we vibrate and what we need to change in order to feel better, happier, healthier or more peaceful.

It will become obviously clear to us that those “unpleasant, negative” events and situations only reflect the frequency we put out into the world, which means we “create” them.

Such realisation could be difficult to digest at first, but the more you think about it the more you will feel empowered by it.

The world we are living in, the universe and everything we know about, is vibratory. So it only makes sense for us to adapt our thinking and functioning to be suited to that kind of vibratory environment. Those “unpleasant, negative” events and situations are helping us in that. They are the messengers to remind us of the frequency we emit. That’s all there is to it.

Understanding life in this way, makes “negative, bad, unpleasant, difficult” take on a different meaning. They are not that at all. They are what they are, indicator lights blinking to say, “hey, Toni take notice here… you frequency is a bit off.”

Are you aware of your current frequency?