What is it about the truth that feels so good?

What is it about the truth that feels so good?


This post is not about moralising or anything similar but about simple physiological mechanics of how we as human beings respond to the truth.

Yes, you have heard that it is important to tell the truth, to be truthful towards yourself and others, etc., etc.,. All that stands, no questions about it. But maybe you haven’t heard exactly how telling the truth makes you feel good…literally.

The human body is a perfect biofeedback instrument. It reacts to the external and the internal environment and gives all sorts of signs for us to read. One of those signs is how our body  muscles react when you are telling the truth (even thinking about it).

Here is a simple explanation. 

We have an electromagnetic energy current that runs through our bodies, similar to electric energy current, This energy is very sensitive to any kind of physical, emotional or mental stress.

When a person thinks or speaks something that is not true, that creates an instantaneous stress and disturbs the body energy. When this energy is disturbed, it doesn’t circulate well in the muscles and that weakens our muscles.

Here is an example that you might have witnessed.

Somebody receives bad news? Depending how big the shock from the news is, they will either slump onto a chair or they may even fall to the floor. That is the result of their muscle weakening.

So when you are not telling the truth, or not thinking truthfully, you are exposing yourself to a constant stress, which the more it goes on, the more you will feel it in your body and the less good you will feel, not even knowing why.

On the contrary, the more you tell the truth and think truthfully, the more you are strengthening your body, you become more resilient to stress and you feel good.

Now that we know, the simplified, explanation of how truth affects us, an interesting choice presents itself to us.

“To feel good”, or “To not feel good”?