To Be or To Do

To Be or To Do


Have you ever had a situation in life when you were not allowed to be who you wanted to be, or be someone/something you believed you can be?

Do these phrases sound familiar to you: 

“You can’t be this” or “you are not allowed to be like that”, or “Who do you think you are, thinking you can be like this or like that?”

This type of limitations are typically experienced in the childhood and if not resolved they will continue to be active throughout the adolescence and into the adulthood.

The good news is that you can resolve them by yourself.

There is an implicit rule which say that ‘you are what you do’. It has been weaved into our education – school, family, society – and in almost every other institution.

In accepting this rule, consciously or unconsciously, we accept to be evaluated by others on the basis of what we do in life. This automatically creates an attitude of ‘a follower’ in our minds, of someone who is following the ideas of others and is doing, doing, doing…

In effect, the how ‘To Be’ of the others has turned into the how ‘To Do’ for us, and from Human Beings we’ve become Human Doings.

Here is a thought to reverse that.

‘To Be’ is an internal quality, it’s a feeling, a state, it is something we experience inside of us. As such this quality is independent of anyone or anything outside. Every single person is the exclusive owner of that power and no-one can ever take it away unless we give it voluntarily.

This means that we can be anything or anyone we choose to be. No permission or approval from outside source is needed. All we need is to understand that “Being” depends ONLY on us.

‘Being’ is a combination of thoughts and emotions. You have probably heard sayings such as “what you think about, you bring about” and “what you feel, you will”. 

Let’s suppose you want to be an “A” and everyone is telling you you that you can’t be an “A”(or mustn’t be) because of this, that or the other. But you really love to be an “A”.

Well, you can simply decide to ignore the opinions of the others and all “this, that or the other” and get into the habit of thinking of yourself as an “A” and of feeling as an “A”. You can even choose to ‘Do’, externally, something that goes along the lines of what others tell you (if you prefer not to rock the boat) but inside only you will know who you are Being (while you are doing what you are doing).

By being an “A” in your own internal world, you activate the magic of life and you bring that to the external world. You create your internal world externally. 

We have rarely been taught to apply the power of ‘Being’. We have mostly been encouraged to ‘Do’ in life. That is why many people can’t find their happiness.

But we don’t have to continue like this. We can change back from Human Doings into the glorious Human Beings that we are. All we need is to choose To Be.

Will you put to the test the power of ‘Being’?