The Unconscious Mind 

The Unconscious Mind


Lester Levenson says that the mind is a very simple thing – It is the totality of all our thoughts and feelings. He says that we call it ‘unconscious’ because we don’t look at it, it is unpleasant. . We put most of our thoughts in the back of our mind, we lock them up there and we give them the title ‘the unconscious’, claiming no responsibility even though it is us who have put them up back there.

Does this sound logical to you? It does to me.

We’ve learned to avoid our own thoughts erroneously thinking that by not looking at them, ignoring them or hiding them somewhere we can escape their effect.

And it’s true, most often we can. Yes, we can.

But, not for a very long time. Sooner or later, they will catch up with us.

The challenge in this matter is that we are either scared, too busy or simply not aware of the importance of observing ourselves. We consider ‘other things’ more important in life then to observe ourselves, i.e. to get to know ourselves. Until we think like that, well, life will be as it has been and we will feel as we have always felt.

But if we decided to change that and to look at that ‘unconscious’ part of us, then, many of the challenges we face daily would be naturally resolved simply by the realisations that we would get. 

It may take us a bit of time to form the habit of facing our thoughts instead of running away from them, but it will be worth every single second of our invested time.

The only catch here is that we need to do that ourselves.

In the era of outsourcing, this is one thing we cannot outsource!