“The root of suffering is attachment.” The Buddha

“The root of suffering is attachment.” The Buddha


What are YOU attached to? What makes you suffer?

Would you like to know what is the biggest attachments people have?

Have a guess? What could be so important to ALL of us?

Here is what I think is our greatest attachment…

EMOTIONS!!! Yup, our greatest attachment is to our own emotions. 

Just think about it. You could say it is not, you could say it is this, that or the other. But any “this, that or the other” you want for ONE reason only. You want it because you THINK it would bring you the feeling you desire, that it would make you feel in a certain way.

Even in clinical studies with narcotics, it is proven that what people really crave for and get addicted to is the feeling they think the drug will give to them and not the drug itself.

This is ALL we ever want, we want to feel in a certain way! To say it differently, we want EMOTIONS. Unfortunately, this is also  what makes us suffer. 

What is the solution for that? One of the solutions is to release your emotions. That way you will release your attachments.

How can you do that? Here is how…

Follow the link below and watch the video starting at 5 min & 2 sec into the video. The video is in English but there are subtitles in French. There I explain how you can release your emotions. I give very precise, simple and clear instructions how to actually do it. This is not a video where someone talks for 10 minutes trying to get you to buy something. No, it is a video where you can learn to actually release any emotions you have without any help from anyone else.

Sounds too good to be true?! You will never know until you try it 😎