Stress release with whole brain posture

Stress release with whole brain posture


Try this for any situation that stresses you and notice how you feel afterwards.

There are many things that create an emotional upset in us and this could happen many times in one day.

It is not always possible to stop those things from happening but it is possible to learn ways to deal with the emotional upsets.

One way is this specific body posture, called whole brain posture. 

Whenever you find yourself emotional about a situation (sad, angry, fearful etc.), put yourself into this posture and think about that upsetting situation. Sit in this posture until you start feeling more relaxed and peaceful or until the upset has completely gone.

This position helps synchronise the two brain hemispheres, which in turn changes the perception of the situation and which helps release the stress that has been accumulated about the upsetting situation.

So find your favourite chair and go for it.