Responsibility, what a funny word!

Responsibility, what a funny word!


What connotation does this word stir in you? It sounds almost negative, difficult, not easy, maybe even a little bit scary. Doesn’t it?

And then we hear phrases such as: “Life is about taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens to us”.

That’s great! Is that suppose to make us feel good or empowered? It seems to create completely the opposite feelings, like “it is your fault” “it is your own doing” “you have only yourself to blame” etc.

One way to benefit from the power of this word is to change its definition/meaning in our minds.

If we look at the word itself, it is made up of two words (as someone pointed out to me recently):

Response + Ability.

Understanding the word ResponseAbility in this way, immediately adds a lighter feel to it and it sort of removes the heavy, duty-like, blaming feel to it .

Notice how this sounds: “You are Responsible for that!”,

and then notice how this sounds: “You are Response Able for that!”

Doesn’t reading the second example feel empowering? It clearly confirms that “You Are Able To Respond To That”.

When we start understanding the meaning of this word in THIS way, we will start feeling its empowerment in ourselves more and more. 

You can do this for any other word that creates negative feelings in you. Just change its definition in your mind. And your body will respond accordingly.

So, I will say to you “Be 100 % ResponseAble For Your Life”! 😉💪🏻