Me, Myself & Emotions

Me, Myself & Emotions

There are lots of emotions in the world right now. Everywhere you turn there are emotions being expressed, either through words, pictures or videos. We are experiencing probably the complete spectrum of emotions, positive or negative, almost at every second of our daily lives.

With some observation, it can be noticed that, we humans have a very unusual relationship with our emotions.

On one hand we worship them and we give them great importance. We identify ourselves with our emotions, like when we say, “I AM happy”, “I AM angry” or, “ I AM right”, and often we are prepared to fight (sometimes to death) to preserve or defend the right to our emotions. 

On the other hand, we deny our emotions and the effects they have on our lives, on our rational thinking and on our health. Most people choose to ignore their emotions and get pills to help them feel better (so, a chemical substance with all sorts of negative side effects) than, to learn how to work with their emotions (which by the way, is one of the simplest things to learn).

What do you think that is so?

More importantly, how would YOU like to continue living this life, relying on chemical substances (that make you dependent and weak) or on yourself (which empowers you and makes you independent)?

Stay well, stay healthy.