Love is all you need

Love is all you need


I saw a post these days which said “the most powerful motivation is rejection”!! The post was about Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and how he succeeded in spite of all the rejections he had received. 

I love the story of Mr Bean and even more his humour. But this phrase got me thinking.

Although it sounds impactful when said/read, this phrase is in fact incorrect. I may upset the 35’000 people that have liked it but I am very happy to be proved wrong.

Think about it.

Mr Bean didn’t succeed because of all the rejections he had received. He succeeded IN SPITE of them. It is a slight distinction but a crucial one.

More precisely, he succeeded because of the LOVE he had (and probably still has) for acting and making people laugh. 

So, I’d say that the most powerful motivation is, as clearly presented in his case, Love. Bar none!

Check for yourself if this applies to your successes in life. Rarely has any real success been connected to a negative emotion. And if it had, you can bet that it didn’t last for a very long time. 

Everyone that experienced rejections, didn’t succeed because they were rejected but because they really LOVED doing what they were doing, which got them through all the rejections.

The Beatles would say….”Love is all you need” 😉