Life is a perfect balance 

Life is a perfect balance


Life is a perfect balance. If you change that balance in any way, it will re-establish itself. How?

Very simple. What you give, you will receive.

If you share love, love comes back to you.

If you create fear, fear will be created in your life.

If you accuse others, time will come for you to be accused.

If you intentionally manipulate, you will experience that onto yourself.

If you help people, help will come your way.

If you bring joy in other people lives, joy will be brought into your life.

Most of the time people find it difficult to believe that this principle operates in our world.

Number one reason for that disbelief – they don’t see the connection between their actions (what frequency they vibrate) and the events in their lives.

Typically there is a time delay between what we have done and what is happening in our lives. By the time the balance is re-established, people have forgotten how they have acted or what they have done previously. So when events and situations occur, they see them only as isolated events, without a context.

However, context is exactly what changes any situation into something that makes sense to us. Therefore, instead of reacting to situations, much more helpful would be to ask ourselves “What have I done that has triggered this event in my life?” 

A small note here. This is not a ‘punishment’ in any way. The Ego likes to dramatise things and create drama out of nothing. But there is no such thing here. There is a simple universal principle in action. There is just a simple rebalancing.

You don’t like what is happening in your life? Ask yourself, “What have I been up to? How have I been treating others around me (not only people but animals, plants, insects, etc.)?, What frequency have I been putting out there?”

You are still not convinced? No problem.

Just remember this phrase:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.”