Judgement = Not Understanding

Judgement = Not Understanding


In all honesty, we judge all the time whether we do that consciously or not. 

We judge when we see someone dressed differently then us (we think of it “better” or “worse”), we judge ideas – constantly, we judge behaviour of people or animals, we judge what people have (material objects, jobs, statuses, families) etc., etc., etc.

Have you asked yourself where does judgement come from? Why do we judge?

Or maybe the more relevant question would be, by what standards do we judge?

One major reason seems to be not having a clear understanding about the object or the subject of our judgement. 

As they say, “we see the world not as it is, but as we are”.

So, the standard can only be what WE think is good, beautiful, acceptable, healthy, artistic, successful, worthy, etc.

However, if we are constantly aware that we can only see a small part of the true reality, then it would be easier for us to accept that we don’t have an objective measure for judging and that any judgement would be purely based only on what WE think at THAT moment of time (which is also subject to changes).

Taking this point of view would help us realise that any form of judgment is pointless and that it does not serve us nor anyone else (well OK, it does serve the Ego).

But even if we could see the world as it truly is, than, as the sages throughout time have pointed out, that seeing would allow for compassion rather than judgement.

The more we understand people, circumstances, situations, the less we’ll judge them.

The more we understand people, circumstances, situations, the more loving and compassionate we will become.