Is love, “Hollywood”?  

Is love, “Hollywood”?


There is so much written about love, so many books, movies and documentaries. When love is mentioned we immediately conjure images of passion, romance, sex, the “other half”, even hurt of not being with/finding the loved one.

Tell me if I am wrong but that is the typical education we have all received through different channels. At least in the western world.

The question is, is it real love we are talking about or “Hollywood” love?

If it is the latter, I agree, the definition sounds correct.

But if we are talking about the former, the real love, then we are reducing the greatest power of the universe into a small, petty, attention seeking, dependency craving, ego satisfying, money making emotion.

Does that sound right to you? Have we accepted, consciously or unconsciously, Hollywood’s love as THE definition of love?

A word about definitions. The measure we use to define things, by the same measure they will define us.