“If words can bring you up, then words can bring you down” 

“If words can bring you up, then words can bring you down”


Feeling good when praised is as illusory as when feeling bad when criticised. But both are equally real to us while experiencing them. However, when looking at a deeper level, they are both setting us up for unhappiness.

They are like switch buttons.

– The PRAISE button is ON and we “feel good”.

– The CRITICISM button is ON and we “feel bad”. 

Almost everyone has these two buttons, unfortunately. They were created when we were very young and we might not be aware of their functioning until someone points them out to us.

But now that you know about them, is there something you can do?

Yes! You can deactivate them.


Know thyself!

It is useful to consider opinions or advice from others, as that can help us grow, but, first and foremost you must know yourself! Understand where your “feeling good” and your “feeling bad” come from.

When you feel good, observe why you feel good and when you feel bad, observe why you feel bad.

This process will shine light on different limitations that you have accepted throughout your life. Then you can do something about those limitations, which in turn will help you become less and less reactive to praise or criticism.