What would you like to be different in your life?

This type of work can help with your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges and aspirations.

Hi, my name is Toni

I love nature, simplicity and feeling good. I also love working with energy and emotions. My mission is to help you enhance your personal well-being by using effective, efficient and natural ways.

I look forward to working with you.

Toni Miladinov thérapeute, kinésiologue, libération des émotions

I will share how you can transform yourself, rather than just change!

Then, if you wish, you will be able to do it yourself or, if you prefer, be accompanied by me.

Consider this:


How does it happen? Let’s take an example with emotions. We all encounter certain situations to which we react with fear, anger or frustration. Since we don’t want to keep feeling these emotions, we learn different strategies to deal with them, and so we change. We either avoid such situations, and we become very good at it, or we learn to overcompensate by becoming externally more “confident” and expressing our fears as confidence in a form of a raising our voice, being more argumentative, exaggerating our body language to look more dominant etc. 

We have certainly changed things, however, this kind of change needs constant maintenance but not only that, it doesn’t help us feel any better. To the outside world we may look like we are handling ourselves well but deeply inside we are screaming for help.

This is change.


How does it happen? Let’s take the same example with emotions. We encounter the situations again, where we feel the same negative emotions (fear, anger or frustration) but this time we decide to do something different. Instead of introducing and applying various strategies for external changes, we decide to eliminate our beliefs and our emotions about these situations and release our fears connected with them. When we do this, the “change” now becomes internal and fundamental, which means we have transformed our perception and feelings attached to the whole situation.

This transformation comes from within, it is profound and it has become part of our own nature, so now, we don’t have the need to apply any strategies to deal with the fear as there is no more fear. Whatever was causing the fear is now gone. We don’t feel the same about such situations anymore as now we truly feel good and confident.

This, is Transformation!

A journey is best enjoyed when travelling light