Have you heard of this defence mechanism?

Have you heard of this defence mechanism?


What is a “defence mechanism”?

“A process that people use to protect themselves from fearful thoughts and feelings”

We have learned to deal with life’s challenges using a few defence mechanisms. They can be put to a pretty good use when applied consciously, however, if overdone or used unconsciously they can be rather destructive in the long run.

Here are some often used. See if you can recognise the one you use the most.

Suppression, Expression, Denial, Projection, Avoidance, Displacement, etc.

But there is one mechanism that you’ve probably never heard of or even think that it exists.

Honestly, it wouldn’t matter much if it was just another defence mechanism. But this one is not “just another mechanism”. This one is one of the most efficients processes for liberating your emotions.

Yes, that’s right. It helps you release any so called “negative” emotions, any stress, or any worrying that you might have.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it!

Until 31 January 2023 I offer to any (serious) person 30 minutes of my time to test it. Contact me and we will schedule a 30 minutes trial. Nothing to lose, but maybe a few emotions. There are no attachements whatsoever, however, there is one condition. Contact me ONLY if you are truly interested in feeling better. Time is too precious to be wasted.

So what’s it gonna be?