Food or Thoughts, what’s your choice? 

Food or Thoughts, what’s your choice?


Experts tell us what is necessary for an optimal body functioning. We have become nutritional masters on the exact proportions of the proteins to carbs to fats, and then of vitamins A to B to B6, B12 and to Zinc.

We know about a body mass index, week long fasting, and tons of exercises to help with every single part of the body.

We have different diets at hand, the Paleo, Low Carbs, Weight Watchers etc.

We try all of the above (and more) and the results are…well, sometimes there for a while but then rapidly go back to square one, and at other times nonexistent altogether.

This is very discouraging considering all the effort we have put and it makes us feel even less good about ourselves then when we started.

Is there something we are doing wrong?


In the western world we have learned to separate things and to look at them in a simplistic, compartmentalised manner. Here we have specialist for this and specialists for that but rarely do they talk together to join the pieces of the puzzle into something that makes sense to us.

We to look at ourselves, the human beings, as a sum of separate parts, instead of a whole where everything is intelligently connected to everything.

If we look at ourselves in such a simplistic way, then honestly, how do we proceed forward?

How can we expect to feel good only because we follow a diet or exercises “the six pack”?

Food is only one piece of the puzzle. Where are the other pieces?

What happens to our mind food – uplifting thoughts? What happens to our heart food – loving emotions? What happens to our soul food (good try, but I am not talking about chocolate 😉), meditation & mindfulness?

How about if we start looking at ourselves as perfect beings that need a bit of work to start shining? Just like the rough diamond needs some polishing to show its brilliance. 

Simply changing to this viewpoint will give us a different meaning of who we are.

When we include all the pieces of the puzzle, then yes, food becomes important to a degree that one piece of the puzzle is for the whole image. But there are other pieces as well. Play with them all and maybe you will find yourself having the fun of your life.