What is the significance of BELIEF and FAITH in our lives? The purpose here is not to discuss linguistics, semantics or religion, but to share a realisation about the priorities in one’s life.



We hear these two words very often and many times we use them interchangeably. However, do we truly understand their meaning, not only linguistically, but the effect they have on us and our lives?

We think of the languages as tools for communication but regularly, with all the talking and writing done, we misunderstand or feel misunderstood. Why is that so? One answer could be that we don’t have the same definitions of the words we are using. For example, what love means for one person, may not be for another, or what freedom means for one, is almost a prison for another.



We all know what this word mean. Even if we can’t explain it, we still know what it means. How do we know? Because, we have “a proof” to show for what we believe. We see things, they look real to us and so, logically, we believe. We hear things, that sound true to us, and logically, we believe, etc., etc.

If we consider the word BELIEF, we will notice that we use it every time when we receive information through our five senses and, when we have a physical “proof” that something is “real”. Therefore, we have learnt to accept this physical proof as our reality. We have learnt to believe in the perceptions of our CONSCIOUS MIND. We have learnt to believe in appearances.

On the other hand, what is Faith?


What does this word mean? Maybe the better question would be, what is the importance of this word for us?

Many people will have different definitions of this word. However, only one particular area will be discussed here, an area that every person on this planet can easily understand.

To explain this universal definition of the word FAITH, here are a few questions:

– What do you do to make your heart beat and pump the blood through your body?

– How do you make certain that you remember to breath even when you are asleep?

– What is your strategy to ensure that your body’s temperature is well regulated? (and I can assure you, it is not all the clothes that you put on it)

– Who decides when you liver does its job and how?

– Who instructs your stomach how to digest the food, what to use and what to eliminate?

These questions suffice to make the point, and it is obvious, we know the answers. We know who does all the work in the background and what keeps us alive and well. It is our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It is the one thing that we ALL rely on to stay alive and healthy every single moment.

THAT is FAITH! We may not be conscious or think of it as FAITH, nevertheless, it is so, and it is a part of who we are.


Our BELIEFS may come and go, but our FAITH in our body is permanent. In fact, if we have a BELIEF in our bodies the same way we have FAITH in them, some say we would be in perfect health all our lives. 

Unfortunately, with all the things that are going on around us, our Conscious Mind gets distracted and influenced rather easily, particularly with fear, and this is where we MUST learn to BE ATTENTIVE and VIGILANT. Use your Conscious Mind well by deciding which “food” you will allow and which “food” you will reject, because this will be the food that you will give to your body as well.

When we have FAITH in our bodies to do what they need to do, and FAITH also implies LOVE, then we can be almost certain that our bodies will look after themselves and stay in harmony. The infinite intelligence of our bodies is well documented in many, many studies, Eastern or Western.

When we BELIEVE in our perceptions about everything that is being presented to us, and when we accept all the fear that is being sold to us, then, in effect, we are “feeding” ourselves with the worst “food” possible. Do we really want that?

As always, we have a choice…

Do we choose to BELIEVE, or Do we choose to have FAITH?

If you would like to detox your mind, body and spirit from some of the “junk food” that has gone in and that is causing you all sorts of issues, emotional, physical or mental, you can join the second Group Session that I am organising on April 13th at 21:00h CET (Central European Time). For more details follow this link or contact me on 076 746 53 33 or on

Stay healthy and make good choices.