Battery Saver Mode for Humans

Battery Saver Mode for Humans


Tired, stressed out or just fed up with things ⁉️


➡️ Use the mobile phone Battery Saver procedure❗️


Here is how to do it:

👎🏻switch off thoughts about past & future

👍🏻 instead, focus on the present moment, on your breathing and relax.


👎🏻 withdraw your thinking & planning about actions, goals, work, what will people think, etc.

👍🏻 instead, replace with awareness of the sensations that come from your 5 senses.


👎🏻 avoid all unnecessary processes, i.e. all social media, emails, chats, videos, TV, radio, busy & loud areas, toxic personalities

👍🏻 instead, give priority to being in the nature, meditation, yoga, uplifting classical music (e.g. Pachelbel’s Canon in D) or whatever else makes you truly feel good.


👎🏻 eliminate all intake of unnatural food, substances & drinks

👍🏻  instead introduce fresh fruit & vegetables, pure water, herbal tea, kefir (milk kefir & kombucha).



and, take…1️⃣…step…at…a…time…