Hi, I'm Toni!

I work with different modalities (kinesiology, stress & emotional release, coaching) to create a shift at a conscious and an uncoscious level. I’ve been helping people resolve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

Of what nature is your challenge?


This energetic work is based on uncovering unconscious memories and stress, mental blockages and fears, emotional and physical traumas, and  then, either releasing them or creating a new awareness of these events.

In both cases, the person regains their natural state of well-being and returns to healthy functioning.

Each human being functions on several levels:

– The Physical level, the physical body with all that makes it.

– The Etheric level – the meridian lines and their points, the chakras and their nadis.

– The Subtle level – energetic layers around and in the physical body, similar to the etheric body but much finer in vibration.

When something is causing stress on any of these levels, the person in question will most likely not feel good emotionally, they may experience one or more physical symptoms or challenges, and their mental/intellectual capacities will be greatly reduced.

To return back to a balanced and harmonious functioning, the cause of stress needs to be neutralised, either by eliminating it or by gaining a new awareness, which allows the person to see life in a different perspective.

When this is done, the person will return to a healthy and harmonious way of functioning.

Types of consultations

There are two types of consultations, In Person and Online.

The In Person consultations are done in the consultation room in Aigle VD and in Roche VD.

The Online consultations are done online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and similar.

The consultations can be done in English or in French.

The typical duration of a consultation is around one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes.

Why is energy work beneficial?

One of the most important reasons for that can be found in the way it works. Energy work is transformative, it doesn’t just change things. Sometimes we use the words ‘change’ and ‘transformation’ interchangeably, but when it comes to energy work, there is a very clear distinction:

– Change is imposed externally, needs constant maintenance and lasts only for a period of time. After that, things tend to go back as before, or, sometimes even worse. Like doing diets.

– Transformation, on the other hand, happens from within, naturally, with full respect for your true Self and it is not imposed. It powerfully promotes your health and wellbeing and becomes part of who you are without any side effects.


If you have questions or you are not sure where to start, send me a message – I’ll be happy to help!