A spongy brain

A spongy brain


Have you heard the comparison of the human brain to a sponge?

We all know what a sponge is and what it does. It’s that flexible, soft, stretchy thing that absorbs any liquid it is put in or it comes in contact with.

And just like a sponge, the human brain does many things in the same way.

Whatever environment we decide to expose it to or immerse it in, it will absorb it and will keep it in. Like the sponge, we can squeeze the liquid out of it but not really because the liquid environment has done its job, has infused the sponge and it will keep it wet despite of our efforts.

Subsequently, If we keep that sponge regularly immersed, it will continually stay affected by that environment, until we decide to take it out of it for a longer period of time.

Even then, if there was any kind of specific agent in the liquid, let’s say a perfume, that sponge will smell long after it has been dried out on that perfume. If we enjoy the perfume and it helps us feel better, then that’s great!

But what if that agent was something unhealthy for us, something that brings us down? Well, then every second of our lives becomes a big issue.

Choose your environment very, very carefully!

Yes, it is only us who create what happens in our lives but most often than not it’s our environment that directs our creative efforts.