“A miracle is a shift in perception”

“A miracle is a shift in perception”


The world is the same, the circumstances have not changed, the environment is as it has always been.

But you are somehow ‘different’. Your experience of yourself and of the others has taken on a different meaning. You are witnessing that world, those circumstance, that environment through a different filter. Or is it better to say, you have removed a filter (or two)?

Your shift in perception then triggers another miracle. The environment, the circumstances, the world around you also change. Your new energy triggers that miracle.

Now, who said that miracles don’t exist??

All you need is a shift in perception. One way to trigger one is to find an answer to this questions:

“If the SOLE reason for existence of an X situation (problem, challenge) is to help me learn an important lesson about me or about life, then what would that lesson be?”