“A cluttered life produces a cluttered mind.”  

“A cluttered life produces a cluttered mind."


What clutters your life?

Is your agenda full for the next few months or more?

Do you have the TV on (or the radio) all the time when you are at home?

Do you need to be in company of people often?

Do you feel like you need to listen to music regularly, even to fall asleep with it (or other noise)?

Are you on social media constantly, and even when you are not, you keep thinking of what’s happening on all the different platforms that you are on?

Are you addicted to TV series, or TV programs?

Are you avoiding silence at all cost?

Is it difficult for you, or maybe even scary, to be alone with yourself?

Do you keep clothes, many objects and things that you haven’t used for more than a year?

Is your wardrobe orderly or kind of all over the place?

Do you feel you need to do shopping often?

Do you find it scary to be in the nature?

Do you find it to be a good compromise to buy fast food and get more time to do activities instead of making a home made meal?

Do you feel like you are always in a rush?

Do you feel that rest is for the sick, and work is for the healthy?