8 Week


Alignment Programme

Become a better version of yourself – healthier, happier and more aligned with the real YOU.

This programme will consist of in-depth energetic healing, transformation of your unconscious and conscious beliefs, elimination of blockages and traumas, and finally, strengthening your whole system to a whole new level.

During the programme you will be able to better understand what helps your body function efficiently, what makes you feel good and what creates healthier you.

Finally, to empower you to continue your personal evolution after the programme you will be shown (1) how to work with your body – how to listen to it, i.e. self muscle testing; (2) how to use the gift of the emotions to your advantage, and (3) how to become more independent in your thinking.

All this will be done by using a simple language, practical advice and effective processes that help you uncover that better version of yourself that is hidden under all the conscious and subconscious programming.

What is included in this 8 week BODY – MIND – HEART alignment programme:


5 sessions of energy work

5 sessions of energy work (one every two weeks)


Self Muscle Testing method

How to self-muscle test to find an answer to almost any question


Effective stress liberation method

How to get out of negativity or emotional suffering and experience more peace and happiness.


Take control of your thinking

How to become more independent in your thinking and control of your own mind set.


An extra energy session

A bonus session to help you with the integration of the new changes and realisations.


Choice of Individual or a Group programme

You can choose to do this programme individually or in a small of group of like minded people.

Weeks of in-depth transformation

Sessions of Energy Work

Empowering Methods


Focus of your well being

Are you ready to uncover your new self?

Make Yourself a Priority!

Nobody else will.

Which programme suits you better?

Do you also want your loved ones to have the same opportunity for transformation as yourself?

Give the gift of transformation to a member of your family or a loved one! They will thank you for that!

Buy for them a Gift Voucher for this 8 Week B-M-H Alignment Programme and see them transforming right before your very own eyes.

“You don’t bring the life that you want to yourself; you raise yourself to the life that you want”

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